The Niko s.r.l. thanks to its twenty years of experience in the sector, deals with competence and professionalism the various orders to be executed:

La Niko srl has for object the Construction, Installation, Fitting and the Maintenance of:
• hydraulic networks in general, including on board ships;
• Assembly and maintenance of machines and hydraulic pumps, civil, industrial and naval;
• Plant technology of civil, industrial and naval;
• Electrical systems, reporting, and data transmission security in civil, industrial and naval;
• Construction and installation of industrial and marine lines piping, with prefabrication and / or construction on site;
• Installations in industrial and naval thermal machines, elevators, hoists, cranes, cranes and the like.
Construction, electrical and instrumental fittings are the main activities. That include:
• Detailed engineering and assembly.
• Connections of pictures and users in the field.
• Network installation of grounding and general utilities in the field.
• Installation of power boards and control.
• Installation of cable routes with footbridges.
• Construction and installation of conduit for cable routes.
• Construction and installation of carpentry.
• Installation of instrumentation.
• Laying cables.
• Small building works and excavations.
• Preparation substations MT and BT.
• Supply of materials and equipment of MT and BT
• Management of the material machined by the customer.
• Maintenance electrical and instrumental.
Service activities include:
• Supervision and technical assistance for assembly, testing operation, goodwill and maintenance of automation systems, electrical systems and instrumentation.
• Performing testing activities, testing and commissioning of equipment and systems.
• Calibration of electronic instrumentation and pneumatic automation.
• Planning and execution of maintenance of operating plants.
• Reviewing MV, LV and equipment, in the field and in the control room.
• Design of electrical, pneumatic and electro.
• Construction drawings and diagrams as-built for mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.

NIKO s.r.l. is able to provide any electrical material and instrumental expected from the specifications of the customer who can check at any time the conformity of the material used.
Niko s.r.l. employs more companies that complement the scene operating in the mechanical, heavy carpentry, welding and special lift for work at height.