The Company

The NIKO Srl is born from a long experience in the Petrochemical industry, and Engineering and is said among numerous customers of the highest level, with whom we have working relationships of the first floor.

The NIKO Srl has been recently listed among the suppliers of the prestigious FINCANTIERI Spa

Specifically NIKO s.r.l. is specialized in works of:

WELDING, light and heavy CARPENTRY, TUBISTERIA, ELECTRICAL WORKS, INSULATION both thermal cushions and finishes in aluminum, steel and / or PVC, as well as REVAMPING, MAINTENANCE and SERVICE

The primary objective of the company is the high quality of its processes and data services to customers, by providing them with our best personnel for the performance of any contract, emergency, and another concern of the completion of the processing in question.

In the course of time Our company has grown steadily to a size that allow us to deal with competence and adequate facilities, the different types of jobs that are entrusted to us.

The corporate structure of NIKO SRL has a modern technology and computerized management of all production facilities, respecting the environment.

Recently NIKO s.r.l has embarked on a new working adventure alongside the prestigious

ETS ELECTRIX TECHNOLOGIES SBARRAFUOCO is a leading Italian company in the development, production and sale of a full range of products in the field of fire compartmental compartments.

Our collaboration with ETS® also offers clients the specialized installation service for their own products, with direct and highly qualified staff, succeeding in offering innovative solutions and building site resolutions, always in accordance with the new Norms Europeans in the field of fire resistance. With the turnkey service, ETS® and NIKO provide customers with complete contract management, from deliveries up to the management and completion of required documentation (eg compartment mapping, certifications, etc.) for the authorization procedures of the competent bodies (eg VV.FF.)